Amendola Industries - PVC Manufacturers

Amendola Industries, a leading supplier and manufacturer in the fencing industry, contacted D & D to put together a complete recycling and production plant of PVC fencing.

D & D recognized that Amendola’s empty warehouse was woefully undersized for electrical service. Our technicians designed a new electrical service, which consisted of a 2500 Amp, 480 volts, 3-phase main distribution. Working closely with Gary Quenqua and Jack Warran of Schwing Electrical Supply, D & D used Square D I line series switchgear and panel boards.

Our clients had also purchased equipment that wasn’t exactly what they needed. To make matters worse, the grinders kept needing replacement. Before they spent another dollar on equipment that wasn’t right for the job, we chose to visit the plant in Minnesota to inspect the extrusion lines. It was well worth the trip: the extruders required a bank of transformers, which we hadn’t planned for. After assessing their precise needs, we changed the layout of control cabinets and extruder locations and had wiring in place for delivery day. We continued to install extrusions lines, co-extruders, down streams, grinders, pulverizers, and a complete material handling system. We also installed an Atlas Copco GA55VSDFF and a Sullair Surplus unit for back up.

At D & D, we believe it’s much more cost-efficient to be proactive, rather than just reactive. By taking the trip to Amendola’s Midwest plant, we detected that the client’s original plans were inadequate. Our on-site inspection ultimately saved the client thousands of dollars. The Amendola Industries project is another example of why our customers ask us to provide both design services and turnkey installation services. The Amendola plant currently operates on a 24/7 schedule and has relied on D & D for our quick emergency services.