Client: JVK Operations

JVK Operations is a laundry outfit that specializes in hospital and healthcare linens. As a growing organization that strives to deliver quality service, JVK approached D & D to help them address their
need for more power and air, as well as ways to improve their
plant’s efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Our first step was to design a comprehensive plan, which fit into an affordable budget, proper design for future growth, dependability, and controllable downtime. We discovered that the main service for the
plant was undersized and we needed to install a new service immediately. Our skilled technicians designed a 1200 amp, 3-phase 230-volt main switchgear and then provided three 400-amp panel
boards for plant distribution. The challenge: to install the new service and all three panels within 24 hours so JVK’s business would not be disrupted. We utilized their old vault and relocated main switchgear, which drastically reduced the turnaround time (with plenty of time to spare).

Our second hurdle was their compressed air system. We designed
a system that gave them the room to grow while also providing
state-of-the-art efficiency. We designed a system around a primary
Atlas Copco GA35VSDFF, which delivers variable speed drive
technology. This compressor addresses the plant’s demand for air
on a day-to-day basis and also helped JVK save a tremendous
amount of money on their energy bill due to its VSD technology. We
also installed a service unit Atlas Copco GA22Plus, which JVK
needed for scheduled evening services, Monday to Friday.

D & D also outfitted most of JVK’s plant with large electric motors with variable frequency drives that would further reduce their electric demand charges. We then designed a complete plant lighting package using the latest in lighting technology T5 lighting fixtures. This system provided improved lighting qualities and helped slash their electrical operating costs even more.

Finally, D & D helped JVK finance their new cutting-edge compressed air and lighting packages at a cost their company could easily absorb.