Today’s industries are becoming more aware of the need to become more energy efficient. D & D is working closely with Kaeser Compressors to help New York and Long Island companies become more environmentally responsible while reaping thousands of dollars in energy savings.

D & D begins with an Air Scan energy audit to determine the energy cost at the customer’s site. We present the findings to the customer, and compare their actual cost to what they can save with a new Kaeser Compressors VSD compressor package. These new compressors include VSD technology that offers spectacular energy savings that pay for themselves between 18-24 months.

The growing demand for compressed air is rising, and the future of compressed air is integrated Variable Speed Drive technology.

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Variable Speed (VSD) Air Compressors
Energy consumption can represent up to 70% of the total cost of producing compressed air. For maximum efficiency, a VSD air compressor reduces energy consumption to a minimum by avoiding completely unloaded power consumption. These "soft starting" units enable unlimited starts and stops of the motor. Plus, your initial investment in a VSD unit more than pay for itself within just a few years.*

FREE Lighting Audit
Our Lighting Audit program provides a comprehensive report showing both energy consumption and suggestions for energy savings and light level improvements, at no cost to our customers. We can calculate total current cost versus potential monthly savings with a new light package. Call us today for your Free Lighting Audit.

Complete Lighting Packages
As part of our commitment to energy conservation, lighting plays a big role. D & D is working with several local lighting manufacturers to help companies reduce operation and maintenance costs using fluorescent high bay technology. The energy savings are tremendous: new lighting installations typical break even in one year; in retrofit applications, the payback is typically two years (versus 400 watt metal halide).*

Benefits of D & D's Lighting Packages include:
•  50% energy savings over 400 watt metal halide
•  Occupancy sensors and multi-lamp switching
    further reduce consumption
•  TCLP compliant lamps reduce recycling costs
    of mercury disposal
•  Longer lamp life and reduced frequency of lamp
    replacement compared to metal halide fixtures

Financing Services
We recognize that the initial capital investment needed for new energy savings programs is difficult to part with. That's why D & D has partnered with our distributors to provide our customers with custom financing programs. We can calculate energy saving on a monthly cost basis and then provide a lease program so that the savings match the monthly payment. Typically, all systems are paid for within two to three years and usually can be supplied with little to low interest.

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