D & D specializes in providing customers with quality and reliable compressed air systems. We sell, install, and maintain reciprocating compressors (up to 40 hp), rotary screw compressors (up to 2000 hp), oil free compressor units for medical air services applications, variable speed drive compressors used in our energy efficient packages, and built-in refrigerated air dryers up to 3000 cfm in our full-feature packages.

We can also custom-design a unit to fit your exact needs. D & D’s Design & Engineering Departments have the expertise to design any compressed air system for a variety of industries. Our skilled Certified Technicians are experts with Vacuum Pumps, Oil-less Compressors, On-demand Rental Units, Climate Control Packages, Nitrogen Advantage Units, Medical Compressor Systems, and Compressed Air Pipe Systems. Plus, our facility is enhanced and supported by an advanced Air Treatment Center, state-of-the-art Machine Shop, and Rewinding Facility. Complete removal and rigging is also available.

D & D is a proud distributor of
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D & D also sells certified reconditioned air compressor units. Our quality workmanship and high-grade material ensure peak performance and durability equal to the original equipment, at a fraction of the cost. Just another way D & D is always working to help improve your bottom line.

•    Reciprocating Compressors
•    Rotary Screw Compressors
•    Refrigerated Air Dryers

D & D has been supplying customers with quality sales in the vacuum pump industry for over a decade, with such designs as rotary screw, dry claw, rotary lobe blower and regenerative blowers. Our systems extend into medical, printing, woodworking, granite/marble industries, and much more, and can come standard or as a custom system.

Choosing the correct application is often a difficult decision. When it comes time to select a system, call D & D. One of our qualified technicians will be happy to assist you with your vacuum air needs. In addition to vacuum pumps sales, we also provide rebuilding and preventative maintenance on all of our units.